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Welcome to Each of us Makes a Difference
In all we do and we say , every day, we make a difference in others' lives.


Positively or negatively, through inspiration or discouragement, we affect lives by what we allow in our behavior and words. The effect can even trickle down by how others have treated us earlier that day. Yet it is always up to us to choose how we represent ourselves and what difference we'll make that day, so why not choose to make a positive difference?



Share Your Stories
  • Do you know someone who is making a positive difference in the world?
  • Is it you?
  • Someone you know?

Please Contact us with the details so we can acknowledge these people and Share Your Story now. Include details of specific positive things that are done. For example, rather than just saying someone is a good parent, give a few details of how that person goes the extra mile for the children. Please use first names and cities of residence for identification. Be sure to get permission from anyone whose, full name or organization’s name is being submitted.



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